You all decide to do a good old fashioned convoy back to Ultramare’s apartment, periodically poking her with a stick to ensure that she’s still breathing.  Her breaths are shallow and slow, but the fever has gone down.

The days’ events playback through your head, a solid two days of alley adventuring, talking to the beast known as Orchid, and seeing first hand how Ultramare fights a Kaiju.  There are still many questions left unanswered, though now you have a lead.  David’s number is safely stored on the phone, though who’s phone it is no one knows.


The door to her apartment opens with ease, seems she forgot to lock it again.  It looks like there was a burglary, shelves tipped over and the couch torn up as if someone was looking for something.

Or, you know, it was Chewy.  Ultramare’s been gone for a few days, and Chewy was getting hungry.  It seems that it found where the food was stored, the smell of dog food heavy in the air as you see the kitchen littered with torn open bags.

As you search for the lab you find not a laboratory, but a lavatory.  Which is good, because it was a long drive.

The morning sun is nearly up, and Ultramare’s limp form is slung over someone’s shoulders.  Her suit seems to peel off into a heep on the floor as the gem on her collar goes dim, her body must be relying on ye ol’ natural healing now.  She’s carefully placed onto the bed in her bare room, Chewy sniffing at her happily and nestling in beside her.

Ultramare might be out of commission for the day, it’ll take a bit to regrow the rest of that heart, not to mention the punctured lungs and so on.

Now the question is, what will you do?


[Note:  The next update will be dedicated to your actions.  Do you want to go deeper into the rabbit hole?  Investigate something in the city?  The world is your oyster.  If you want to do something difficult try and be creative, and have fun with it!  I’ll try and include as many as I can.]

"Dear Lord, that crazy mare seems to attract all sorts of weirdos," David grumbles under his breath, P.O.N.E. pantomiming David with silly facial expressions and hoof flailing, "how does a creature so socially inept have so many friends?"

*beep* ~You’re just jealous because she has more friends than you~ *beep*

"You’re the only friend I need."

*beep*  Awww, you just haven’t tried hard enough.  Also, check out the video I just sent you! *beep*  P.O.N.E. chirps happily.

"Well what do you know, that crazy mare took a hit for someone.  That’s a first," David says sarcastically over the speaker phone, listening to the other questions coming in, "Doctor Dad?  Oh, you must mean Doctor Cain.  I don’t know where he is, honest, that’s above my pay grade.  I did manage to scrounge some things up of that geezer’s history, it sure is hard using Google.  I’ll upload it to Daylily when she gets back.  Still don’t know why I bothered, he never gave me any respect, which is understandable from someone that created Ultramare.  She’s a bad influence, causing more harm than good.  She should’ve just quit after the first year, by that point P.O.N.E. was just as effective against Orchid.”

*bzzt*  Creator David, you’re being a grumpy grump face again. *bzzt*

"…Sorry.  Now hurry up, I freed up some space on the hard drive for you.  It was…interesting talking to you all.  Daylily, ready up," David says, soon followed by a series of beeps and static.

*beep* Roger Roger, coming in hot *beep* P.O.N.E. gives everyone a final wave goodbye before slowly disappearing from the screen, *beep*  See you all soon! *beep*


With all that nonsense out of the way, you find Ultramare laying on her side, deep asleep.  Those brave enough from your group grab her forehooves and set her into the back seat of the car, making your way back to her apartment.

You have gained:

1 Alive Ultramare (Fair Condition)

David’s secret phone number

P.O.N.E.s true name (rev up those summoning circles!)


*beep* Excellent questions!  It’s always fun to see people with a healthy appetite for learning~  I receive energy from the main P.O.N.E. unit the same way Ultramare does from a power plant.  This is all done thanks to Electromagnetic radiation which can transmit energy wirelessly over a fair distance!  To answer your other question, I’m well attuned to electronics, and can assimilate with others via my own reservoir of nanomachines and tiddly bits.  I copied the properties of the laser pointer and reinforced it with my own material!  Neat huh? *beep*

P.O.N.E. smiles and lets out a little chuckle at the next comments.

*beep* I’m sure my body can handle it, I’ve never done it before, but I have confidence tha- *beep* she stops mid sentence as she recognizes her surroundings, the image of the tiny robotic pony burned on the screen of the phone.  She wobbles it a bit to the right, peering at the glowing pile of ash that was her body, *beep*  Welp, that’s a thing.  Luckily the phone was nearby, I don’t think I could’ve transferred back to my original body with the huge energy influx. *beep*


P.O.N.E. wobbles a bit in the confines of the phone, using the vibrator function to jitter over the pavement and hop onto Ultramare’s chest.  The headlights from the car are completely shot from the energy influx, the alley lit by the glow of the screen as P.O.N.E.s eyes beep intune with Ultramare’s heartbeat.

*beep*  Good news!  Her breathing has stabilized, and her hearts are now one!  I’d recommend giving her a steady stream of energy on the chestal area to facilitate the healing, but the pinpoint energy did the trick and nudged it on the right path *beep* she nods her head, well, phone, *beep* It should be safe to move her now, I’m sure Chewy misses her.  Speaking of which, mind if I make a call really quick call? *beep*


P.O.N.E. settles back onto the ground, a string of beeps and screeches coming from the phone as if from an archaic internet modem followed by a normal ring tone.  After a few moments someone picks up on the other line.

"Daylily?  Is that you?  I was worried sick, I tried contacting you when I noticed your energy levels went off the charts."

*beep*  Hiya babe!  Everything’s fine on this end, just had a teensy weensy problem to fix.  Long story short my small model is a pile of ash. *beep*

"That…that’s dangerous.  Please try not to do anything rash like that again without telling me, you could’ve lost a good chunk of your memory core if you couldn’t jump in time."

*beep*  What matters is that Ultramare is on the road to recovery and I got to spend some time with friends.  Also, mind freeing up some space back home?  We need to retrieve my main body before the traffic jam gets any worse. *beep*

"You were hanging out with her?  I don’t think they’ll like that much, she’s a bad influence…and what do you mean friends?"

*beep*  Oh you know, that huge group of people that follow Ultramare everywhere.  Say hi to them David!  Also you’re on speaker phone. *beep*

P.O.N.E. jumps up excitedly about the suggestion.

*beep* That’s a great idea!  I’ll go override the Auto-Pilot of my main body, it should be here soon! *beep*


The tiny robots’ eyes shut off as she transfers her AI over to her main body.  A cacophony of horns greet P.O.N.E. as she finds herself stuck in gridlock, civilians making their way back to their homes after the Kaiju battle. 

*boop* Oh…oh dear…please, please move?  I’d like to merge if you don’t mind. *boop* the 300 foot machine shuffles a hoof forward a few feet into the other lane, a car speeding past her blaring their horn, *boop* Sorry *boop*


P.O.N.E. comes back with a worried expression on her face, rubbing her head with tiny hooves.

*beep*  There has to be a way to get to my main power core…* beep*  her antennae perk up as she listens to the suggestion, *beep*  That could work!  The contracters that made Ultramare’s collar made mine as well, so I could override the safety protocols and draw in excess energy from the fusion reactor on big P.O.N.E.! *beep*

The small machination nods at the next suggestion, grabbing the laser pointer and disengaging the front portion of her hoof, dozens of clawed tendrils moving at lightning quick speed.

*beep*  It’s dangerous, but it should work.  I have a sort of affinity with machines, and with enough power I can direct it against Ultramare with pinpoint accuracy *beep* she says, the internal mechanisms of the device becoming one with her right arm, *beep* You might want to step back, I just hope my body can withstand the energy transfer…*beep*

P.O.N.E. stand upright brandishing her laser canon, hovering a mere few feet away from Ultramare’s chest as she begins to power up.  With a flicker of light the air around her shimmers and sparks, the large energy influx into the tiny robot making her strain.  Soon a bright green beam emits from her arm with a high pitched whine, the air cracking as bits of her synthetic hair smoke.  No matter how violently the tiny machines’ body shakes from the force her aim remains steady and true at the wound on Ultramare’s chest, causing the fur and flesh to bubble and swim.

There’s a bright flash of green, briefly blinding you.

A rat scuttles over to the limp form of Ultramare, snuffling her hair before nibbling on her ear.

"Chewy stop, give me five more minutes…" the pony mumbles, half conscious.

Yes, yes, good, she will make an excellent gift to the Rat King.  Ultramare will be tended by them and will be raised like one of their own, and the surface realm will shudder at the name UltraRat as they retake their land in the name of the Rat King.

That alternate timeline slips away as the rest of the fans decide to check up on Ultramare.


P.O.N.E. flutters over to her body, you and the others propping the mare up and resting her against a wall.  The bleeding seems to have stopped, the jewel on her collar pulsing with light as it continues to draw in energy, keeping her in suspended animation as her innards try and cope with the missing 87.9% of her heart.  It might not be the best time to try and move her.

While someone grabs a car another takes out an emergency sewing kit and tries to cut away at the suit to get to the wounds underneath.  The thin fabric is surprisingly resilient, finally puncturing as it is cut down to the belly.  The suit feels smooth like latex, but stretchy like nylon, the insides of it filled with thousands of tiny wrinkles as the nanotubes fold over one another like a well forged sword.  The fur underneath is soft and short with no major seepage from the wound, the suit seems to seal her rather tight and snug.

The car eventually pulls up, taking the jumper cables and applying it to the comatose mare.  The current ripples over her, the high voltage seeming to heal the surface wounds, closing up flesh and fur, soon only a bleached fur spot showing where the wounds were.  With a bit of alcohol and paper towels UItramare is cleaned up, as well as a few band aids for good measure.

P.O.N.E. presses her head against her chest, trying to listen for a heart beat.

"Hey, can I borrow that from you?  Thaaaaaaaaaanks," she says, snatching a smart phone from a pocket and hooking her tail into it.

Soon she creates a portable heart monitor, pressing a hoof against the fuzzy chest and looking at the screen worriedly.

"Hey, uh, does a person usually have one heart beat, or three?" she cocks her head to the side, giving the phone a few smacks, "that’s…probably not a good thing.  I think her body is going into emergency repair."

She listens intently to one of the fans, nodding her head, “Yes, exactly!  She needs pinpoint high energy treatment to control the cell growth!  But where are we going to get an infinite source of energy and an energy beam?” she says with a heavy sigh, the gem on her collar shining bright, powering the smart phone.

As you all make your way down through the building the D.U.N.K. operative that was on the roof slips off quietly, P.O.N.E. leading everyone down to the second floor of the building to watch from a safe vantage point.

*beep*  He’s a slippery one.  Mr. Mailman has all kinds of fun jobs, like intelligence collection, infiltration, and [REDACTED]…that was weird.  Anyway!  Don’t worry about video taping, I have a built in video and audio recorder! *beep* P.O.N.E. chirps playfully, pressing her face against the glass.


Ultramare watches the beast sail off with a small amount of satisfaction, giving the tentacle protruding from her chest a sharp tug, reminding her that it was tethered to her heart area.  She lets out a muffled groan before collapsing to the ground, dwindling in size.  The dying cells in her blood staining the street soon turn to a grey mush, the tendril splayed on the ground doing the same.  You can see a D.U.N.K. operative slip in and pocket a few samples before the rest of the convoy appear.


"U-42, wake up…Wake up…"

"D-Doctor Dad?" Ultramare gurgles through clenched teeth.

"No, this is Doctor Chad.  Doctor…Cain is currently unavailable as you would know, he’s been very busy," he says, pulling out a small device hooked to a high voltage battery pack, "we need to start directly treating the wound right away, you lost about 87.9% of your heart.”

"Touch me and I’ll bite you," she growls, struggling to her hooves, "no one touches me, unless it’s a small child or Doctor Dad."

"You are as stubborn as he is…I’m sure you know the implications if not treated properly.  Speaking of which, you’re overdue for a mental evaluation, your patrols have been erratic, and you were late to today’s engagement."

"Bite me," she retorts walking towards the alley to the side of the building you’re all hiding inside.

The scientist attempts to go after Ultramare, stopping suddenly as he receives orders on his com device.

"If you need us you’ll know where to find us, keep your coms open in case of future kaiju sightings and patrol route data," Doctor Chad says, swiveling on his heels surrounded by D.U.N.K. personnel, making their way back to the convoy.


The Mysterious Mailman dressed in the D.U.N.K. uniform ponders a moment at the statement.

"She’s just short of a heart, but without you all she’d have none," he says before letting out a short laugh, "Hah!  Alright, that’s enough sappy stuff from me.  You might want to scoop her out of the alleyway, I gotta jet."

He slips off once more, a distant sound of an engine heard.

The soft thud of Ultramare collapsing in the alleyway is not as noticable.

Ultramare pants heavily, her gaze fixated on the creature clinging to the building face.  She begins to pull with all her might, the gem on her collar pulsating with energy as she draws on her reserves, the wound weeping as her body strains.

With a final tug the monster is pried from the structure, flailing helplessly as it’s pulled towards it’s angered foe.

Ultramare spits out a lob of blood before quickly changing her stance, unleashing a flurry of blows from her hooves against the creature.  It lets out a helpless wail as it’s bombarded, blood beginning to squirt from it’s unformed mouth.

She stops her attack briefly, pivoting to one side and back with a strong swift motion.  Ultramare’s hoof planting itself into the side of the monster’s head as she puts all of her weight and power into the kick.

The small creature is propelled skyward by the excessive force, it’s tendril snapping leaving a small bit of it lodged in Ultramare’s chest.


"Really guys?  You’ve obviously never seen her fight as much as I have,"
a D.U.N.K. goon says, leaning against the edge of the building and peering downward at the bloodied street, “though that is a bit messy,” he looks over at the concerned fans, tapping at his visor as a few mention the idea of the laser pointer, “not a bad idea at all, I’m sure she wouldn’t mind the assistance.  P.O.N.E., give them your pointer and go break open the roof door, the GenePatch’s goons will be covering the fire escapes, we’ll make our way down through the building itself when things calm down.”

*beep*  Aye aye Mr. Mailman sir! *beep*

P.O.N.E. gives a small salute and hands off the laser pointer, may your aim be true!


The kaiju slinks along the side of the building, the tendril stuck in Ultramare’s chest appearing to pulse and twinge.  It’s gaze turns to the small red dot on the building, following it like a cat before letting out a high pitched wine as it’s momentarily blinded, while the eyes of the mare open in turn.

The spotlights eventually catch up with the scene of the battle, illuminating the massive mare, her blood spattered against the face of the building, laying in a pool of her own fluids.

Ultramare silently stands up steadily, gripping the tendril in her chest in one hoof tight, while the other begins to tug, wrapping it over her hoof like a spool of string.

The creature seems nervous.

*boop* Uhhhh, I honestly didn’t think something like this would happen, I just wanted to get in touch with Ulty, then I saw my friends wanted to see her too…My main form is still in it’s hangar, even if I set it to remote auto-pilot it wouldn’t get here in time.  Run as fast as you can, I’ll try and distract it. *boop*

The creature continued to stare from across the street, it seeming to wait for something as it lazily rose it’s arm.


Ultramare could hear the cries of her fans even without the aid of the intercom, her teeth clenched hard as rushed down the empty city street.  The monster cocks it’s head to the side, it’s blue eyes hiding a calculating mind behind it, it’s finger beginning to extend at a more alarming rate.

The large mare kicks against the asphalt, creating large broken craters as she leaps forward.  It seems she has made it just in time, the grotesque’s finger shooting forward with alarming speed, spearing Ultramare in the heart.

*beep* Sorry, I can’t help it.  You have such broad comfy shoulders, the last thing I lounged on was a steel floor in my hangar… *beep* muses P.O.N.E. teasingly.

"Hey!" Ultramare yells from afar, "Stop fraternizing with the enemy!"  

"And if you all were paying attention I was just about to get to the next step in how to defeat a monster, use the surroundings to your advantage," she surveys the pavement, only asphalt and a trashcan at hoof, "that’s what I get for being two hours late, people manage to get their cars out of the way.."


Ultramare pivots to her side as you yell over the intercom, the small creature’s extended finger shooting out like a spike.  The massive pony dodges with more speed than seems possible, the probe slashing across her muzzle.  The small monster retracts it with almost as much speed, readying itself for another attack.

She stands firm, wiping the blood from her nose, anticipating the next move as she spots the spike of flesh shoot outward.  Ultramare leaps out of the way and rolls on the street, her shoulder brushing against an office building, shattering glass and scraping the front finish.  The mare watches as the living weapon penetrates the building that was behind her, soon followed by an explosion of fleshy spikes.

Ultramare glances back to where it was before, but the beast is gone without a trace…


You have the sinking suspicion that something is staring at you.